ROBLOX Myths & Legends Noli - Entry 4

ROBLOX Myths & Legends Noli - Entry 4

Here we go!


A picture of Noli (I had to use Null from Minecraft D:

This is the real story.


It was April 21st 2013. My birthday. I went on my computer and started joking around with my friend. I went on RT and noticed 3 fourm posts about Noli. I searched it, and got an error. I then noticed a game in my favourites called "The End". I played it and spawned. It was just a baseplate. so I left. But, as I left, a player appeared. It walked around me 3 times, then stopped. It was Noli. He told me this:

"Follow me. Follow me or you will die tonight". I followed him to the edge, then, without warning, he spawned on a glass block infront of me. He said "Are you ready for the End, ManyFireman?". I tried to chat, but the game wouldn't load my chat. He must've had a gear, because he ran at me with a sword, and killed me. But the catch was, I didn't respawn. I unplugged my PC, then ran outside. When I went back, the face of Noli was burnt into the PC.


1 Week After:

I have a new PC, and Noli is gone. Yay!

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